Vineyard Community Church

Project Details

Pillar 3 was honored to be asked to design Vineyard Community Church’s second campus in Lexington. We salvaged what we could, and reworked the rest into a welcoming, colorful space that perfectly expresses the Vineyard brand.

Circles are a recurring theme, representing eternity and community, and more practically, reinforcing the round logos used in Vineyard’s branding package. Growth and reaching out and up was another design theme. The children’s rooms were painted with murals of stylized trees and vines in sophisticated color schemes.

Community was evident in abundance on this project. Volunteers from the church provided a great deal of the labor to bring this great space to life. Shout outs to everyone who volunteered their time and muscle!

Watch the blog page for an upcoming interview lead pastor Kevin Clark. We talk about the importance of design and creating that cool coffee shop vibe that helps make Vineyard so appealing. The church is definitely reaching out and up and changing lives for Christ. Attendance at Vineyard South has quadrupled since the campus opened in fall of 2013!

See Facebook for Before and After photos.