Proof Fitness

Pillar 3 Architectural Design Fitness Center, Lexington, KY
Pillar 3 Design provided architectural design, drawings, and branding services for this Lexington, KY fitness center.
Pillar 3 Branded Entry Design
Branded facade and artwork in the entry increases the visibility and the sense of anticipation about the space inside.
Custom Branded Artwork
This large scale canvas was created to support Proof's branding and color scheme.

Project Details

Pillar 3 maximized exposure for this cool new boutique gym with a redesigned branded façade that allowed for large signage and increased visibility from the main arterial roadway. Inside, we provided architectural design and permit drawings, as well as several large scale branding pieces.

Services Provided

  • Architectural Design
  • Permit drawings
  • Custom Branding Pieces
  • Code interpretation and design of new branded façade and signage.
  • Ammendment of Development Plan to allow outdoor workout space.