Big Ass Solutions Haiku Home Showroom - Houston, TX.

Branded Haiku Home Houston Showroom.
Branded Haiku Home Houston Showroom.
Try out product and watch your very own fan design come to life on the big screen in the Houston showroom.
Branded Haiku Logo
Haiku Home Logo Art Piece. Pillar 3 designed, and fabricated by our own Kathryn Starbuck Mullen.
Branded Haiku Home Houston Showroom
Custom Retail Product Display Designed by Pillar 3
Branded Haiku Home Houston Showroom.
Conference Space is branded and Big Idea Ready.
Big Ass Solutions Branded Warehouse Space
We didn't neglect the back of the house. Big Ass yellow keeps things energetic.

Project Details

Pillar 3 was privileged to help Big Ass Solutions debut their Haiku Home Product showrooms. We took a typical office strip space complete with bad carpet and dingy dropped ceilings and turned it into a fun and functional space for the Houston Haiku Home team to engage with clients, designers, artists and the community. Houston, we solved a problem.

Services Provided

  • Programming and needs assessment.
  • Architectural Design for Showroom and Warehouse Space
  • Permit Drawings
  • Branding
  • Custom designed and fabricated branding and display pieces throughout the space.