Kathryn Starbuck Mullen, MA

Art Director

Kathryn Starbuck is Pillar 3’s talented art director. She designs and oversees execution of many of Pillar 3’s fine and decorative art pieces. Kathryn has a BA in psychology, and a MA in arts administration from the University of Kentucky. Kathryn has won numerous awards for her own art, which ranges from pottery, to graphic design, with quite a bit in between. Her favorite pieces to create explore color, texture, and movement, along with the emotive psychological reactions those elements can evoke, through large scale, abstract paintings.

Outside “the office,” she enjoys playing Star Wars with her little ones, singing with her husband, and cooking [amazing] meals. Her most recent obsession is gardening; few things are as powerful and inspiring as those things that grow from the earth.

Email – kathrynstarbuck@pillar3.co